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Time flies…

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WOW…time sure does fly by, doesn’t it???  It’s been three years since my last blog!!!  So what’s new with the Tails a Waggin’ gang?  Well, the rest of 2013 was pretty uneventful but 2014 introduced some “new normals” in the Hopper Homestead.  In July 2014, Roxy injured herself. At first we thought it was an ACL tear in the knee of her remaining back leg because she started bum scooting and wouldn’t weight bear on her back leg at all.  After a further assessment by Dr. Josee (her Chiropractor) and then a visit to the vet, it was determined that it was more likely an iliopsoas injury…thank goodness!!!  Of course this happened just a couple of weeks before my hubby and I were about to go on a two week motorcycle/sailing trip!!!  So, we did three sessions of laser treatments, put gates up at the tops and bottoms of all our stairs and started a 8-12 week limited activity protocol.  Thankfully we were already seeing some improvements before we left on our trip and because our daughter and grandson were living with us, the dogs were staying in the comfort of their own home while we were away 🙂

Hubby and I had a fantastic vacation and upon our return we were thrilled to see that Miss Roxy was doing GRRREAT!!!  By this time, she had been on her restrictions for four weeks.  We decided to continue this protocol for another four weeks and then reassess.  At the eight week mark, we lifted some restrictions but have continued with limited stairs ever since…we have a ton of stairs in our two-storey home so to help Roxy live a long happy life we kept the gates up and limit how often she goes up and down them…at least until be move to a bungalow 🙂

After this little scare, we started being more diligent with strengthening Roxy’s (and Charlee’s) core muscles, so we set a workout area in one of my upstairs rooms and the girls love it!!!  It was around this time that I started hearing about this online course being offered by Frenzi Dog Sports Academy called “Conditioning and Concerns for the Tripod Dog”, so I quickly sign up.  I learned a ton and the instructor has continued to be awesome whenever I have had question.  One of things I tried with Roxy while taking this course was underwater treadmill.  We tried swimming in the past, which she hated, but I thought I would still give it a try.  The first session went pretty well so we tried it a few more times, but I quickly realized that these type of water activities are just not for Roxy.  Even at the park, she will wade but that’s it…even when other dogs around her our swimming!

Fast forward to February 2015…the girls receive their Novice Trick Dog Certificates in the mail!!!  That’s right, my girls are Trick Dogs!!!  I spent the month of January teaching my girls some fun tricks and got them certified.  Unfortunately Miss Roxy is not the sharpest pencil in the box, so she has not progressed past novice, yet…we will get there at some point…but Miss Charlee has moved onto her Intermediate and her Advanced.  If anyone is interested in developing an awesome bond with their dog(s) and having some fun, you should totally check out the “Do More With Your Dog” website.  It is a GRRREAT brain game activity too 🙂

In the middle of August, we attempted a Tripawd Pawrty with our Tripawds of Alberta group at a fantastic park in Calgary!  It ended up being a very rainy day but we did have four dogs (and their humans) show up in total…Roxy (Teena, of course), Fred (Theresa), Beau (Bryanna) and Bear (Deb).  First three amputees were because of injury and Bear was a cancer survivor.  Although it was a miserably wet day and things didn’t quite go as planned, it was GRRREAT for us to finally meet in person.

Because our first Tripawd Pawtry didn’t go as planned, we quickly set a new one in motion for September.  This time the weather co-operated and we had a new addition to the group join the original four from August…the beautiful, Whisper (Brandy), another amputee because of an injury.  We met at the same great park but this time we found a nice little fenced in area with picnic tables so that humans could enjoy some snacks and conversation and the dogs had a safe place to play.

Before we knew it, 2016 had arrived.  The year started out slow…just normal routine stuff.  In May, we decided to set up our first Tripawd Pawtry of 2016…unfortunately we got rained out, so we rescheduled for June.  We had another five dog turn out, but with two new additions.  Roxy and I were there of course, then there was Beau (Bryanna) and Whisper (Brandy)…the newcomers with Pelusa (Virginia, foster mom) and Amarillo (Luminea), both of which were amputee’s because of injury.  Fred (Theresa) were suppose to be there but unfortunately they were unable to make it and sadly Bear (Deb) were unable to attend because Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge, unfortunately his cancer had returned…they were missed!!!  We went to our favorite spot and had a lovely afternoon of sunshine, snacks and conversation…fun was had by all!!!  If you haven’t seen the photo’s of the day yet, you can see them in the forums under Tripawd Parties.   We had so much fun that we are planning another event on July 2nd…I know Roxy and I can’t wait!!!  We will be sure to post photo’s in the forum and blog shortly there after 🙂


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It’s been awhile…

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Well, it’s been a while since I blogged…actually to be honest I forgot I started one 🙂  Anyway, most of you already know how Miss Roxy has been doing since I have been posting updates on the forums since I have joined, however, I thought I would update my blog since there is a link to it on the new “Tripawds of Alberta” Facebook group…but I’ll get to that in a little bit 🙂

So…since I last blogged, Miss Roxy has grown and developed into a pretty awesome dog!!!  And she did complete a Beginner 1 course in agility and as predicted she was a rockstar!!!

In July 2012, I started working as an assistant to a Animal Chiropractor and decided as a learning opportunity and of course for the health of my girls, I would take them in for an assessment…especially since Miss Roxy (who was 9 months old at the time) was a tripawd, I knew she would definitely benefit.

Everything went extremely well…not only did I learn lots, but I started seeing improvements right away.  Miss Charlee’s assessment was pretty uneventful…only some minor adjustments needed which was expected for a healthy, active 4 1/2 year old BC.  Roxy on the other hand, well, she was quite the mess…which is I guess to be expected for a tripawd.

Things that I thought were normal for a tripawd, were in fact not…like when she walked, her remaining back leg was in the center of her body instead of under the left side of her body, and when she ran fast her back leg would swing out.  Before the adjustment she had a slight head tilt and rotation, her spine was quite curvy, vertebrae were humped in some areas, her left hip, left shoulder and right elbow were out, and her inner thigh muscles were more developed than her outer thigh muscles.  Immediately after her first adjustment there were GRRReat improvements; head tilt and rotation were a lot less, spine was no longer curvy, humps in vertebrae were gone and her remaining back leg was under the left side of her body…I was so thrilled!!!

Both my girls have continued to see Dr. Josée (whom I still proudly work for) and I am happy to say that they are doing extremely well…at the dog parks most people don’t even notice that Roxy is a tripawd until they pet her 🙂

On January 20th, 2013, Miss Roxy celebrated her 1st year ampuversary of becoming a tripawd and February 21st, 2013 marked the 1st year anniversary of her joining the Tails a Waggin’ gang.  She is a very tall, lean girl…measuring 24.5 inches at the shoulders and weighing just under 40lbs.  She is a very energetic and a comedic dog, she makes me laugh every single day…and drives me crazy at the same time 🙂

Also in February, I decided to DNA test Miss Roxy.  Needless to say the results were questionable!  I really wish I had an extra 80 bucks to waste so I could send in a second sample under a different name to see what they come up with because I have owned BC’s for many years and have lived with Roxy for over a year now and she definitely has BC traits as well as Retriever traits…which is what I was told she was when I adopted her.  The results revealed that she had neither of those breeds in her!  According to them she has Basenji, Newfie, Am Staff, Poodle, Rottie, and Min Pin in her…WHAT?!  REALLY?!  Whatever…she is still a Border Collie/Lab cross to me 🙂

In early March 2013, Miss Roxy graduated from her first obedience class…still not sure how she did it since she is such a goof but she did and I was very proud of her 🙂  I am hoping to do more advance obedience training with her this year but we will have to see if she matures a bit more so she can really focus on the task at hand.

Mid-March brought some adventures in water for Miss Roxy!  We found a pawesome facility in Calgary called Pawsitively Pooch who offered assisted swimming, so we fitted her with a life jacket and jumped right in…well, not exactly, she didn’t really like it for about the first 5 minutes, but she soon settled in and did GRRReat!  We have only done a couple of sessions but we will go back…or maybe we will just find a nice quiet area along the Bow River 🙂

The end of March marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the Tails a Waggin’ gang…we met up with a pawesome new Tripawd friend, named Freddy (and his human, Theresa) and had our 1st Southern Alberta Tripawd Pawrty!!!  Then a couple a weeks later, at the beginning of April, we both met big boy Hank (and his human, Melanie) and had our 2nd Southern Alberta Tripawd Pawrty 🙂  From there I was asked to be the official Chapter President and well, I am not sure if I am worthy of that title, I did design a logo for the “Tripawds of Alberta” and then Jim and Rene graciously helped me set up a Facebook group, for which I am proudly managing 🙂

So, what’s next for the Tails a Waggin’ gang?  Well, both Charlee and Roxy started agility…two classes of Beginner 1 for Miss Charlee and one class of Beginner 2 for Miss Roxy.  So far, they are both doing very well.  Miss Charlee is very focused on whatever I want her to do and well, we will have to see how Miss Roxy does…like I said early, focusing is something we have to work on, however, so far she is doing well learning two new pieces of equipment…the weave poles and teeter 🙂

Well, that’s if for now…I will try my best to keep updating our blog…cheers!!!


How the Tails a Waggin’ gang came about…

Hello, my name is Teena and I have successfully raised and trained Border Collies for 18 years…my furbabies names over the years have been Elmo, a saddleback sable male; Ditto, a black and white female; Zen, a red and white male; Echo, a tri color female; Miss Charlee, a split-face white and black female, and last but not least, Miss Roxy, a black and white tripawd female.
I have also design and managed my own website… …since 1999.  If you would like to learn more about the Tails a Waggin’ gang, then take a few minutes and browse through our pages.

Miss Roxy came to us on Saturday, February 18, 2012 on a trial basis to see if she would fit in with our crazy family…after just a few days we knew she was here to stay 🙂  Her story starts by being rescued from a local reserve by Oops-a-Dazy Rescue & Sanctuary.  Sadly she was found with a severely broken right hind leg that resulted in the full amputation on January 20th, 2012…she was 3 months old.  A month later I was searching rescue sites to find the perfect match for our family and came across her sweet face and as they say, the rest was history 🙂

We are looking forward to sharing her growth and develop into an awesome dog.  We plan to get her in to agility once she is old enough…and we know she is going to shine 🙂  We will keep you posted.