It’s been awhile…

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Well, it’s been a while since I blogged…actually to be honest I forgot I started one 🙂  Anyway, most of you already know how Miss Roxy has been doing since I have been posting updates on the forums since I have joined, however, I thought I would update my blog since there is a link to it on the new “Tripawds of Alberta” Facebook group…but I’ll get to that in a little bit 🙂

So…since I last blogged, Miss Roxy has grown and developed into a pretty awesome dog!!!  And she did complete a Beginner 1 course in agility and as predicted she was a rockstar!!!

In July 2012, I started working as an assistant to a Animal Chiropractor and decided as a learning opportunity and of course for the health of my girls, I would take them in for an assessment…especially since Miss Roxy (who was 9 months old at the time) was a tripawd, I knew she would definitely benefit.

Everything went extremely well…not only did I learn lots, but I started seeing improvements right away.  Miss Charlee’s assessment was pretty uneventful…only some minor adjustments needed which was expected for a healthy, active 4 1/2 year old BC.  Roxy on the other hand, well, she was quite the mess…which is I guess to be expected for a tripawd.

Things that I thought were normal for a tripawd, were in fact not…like when she walked, her remaining back leg was in the center of her body instead of under the left side of her body, and when she ran fast her back leg would swing out.  Before the adjustment she had a slight head tilt and rotation, her spine was quite curvy, vertebrae were humped in some areas, her left hip, left shoulder and right elbow were out, and her inner thigh muscles were more developed than her outer thigh muscles.  Immediately after her first adjustment there were GRRReat improvements; head tilt and rotation were a lot less, spine was no longer curvy, humps in vertebrae were gone and her remaining back leg was under the left side of her body…I was so thrilled!!!

Both my girls have continued to see Dr. Josée (whom I still proudly work for) and I am happy to say that they are doing extremely well…at the dog parks most people don’t even notice that Roxy is a tripawd until they pet her 🙂

On January 20th, 2013, Miss Roxy celebrated her 1st year ampuversary of becoming a tripawd and February 21st, 2013 marked the 1st year anniversary of her joining the Tails a Waggin’ gang.  She is a very tall, lean girl…measuring 24.5 inches at the shoulders and weighing just under 40lbs.  She is a very energetic and a comedic dog, she makes me laugh every single day…and drives me crazy at the same time 🙂

Also in February, I decided to DNA test Miss Roxy.  Needless to say the results were questionable!  I really wish I had an extra 80 bucks to waste so I could send in a second sample under a different name to see what they come up with because I have owned BC’s for many years and have lived with Roxy for over a year now and she definitely has BC traits as well as Retriever traits…which is what I was told she was when I adopted her.  The results revealed that she had neither of those breeds in her!  According to them she has Basenji, Newfie, Am Staff, Poodle, Rottie, and Min Pin in her…WHAT?!  REALLY?!  Whatever…she is still a Border Collie/Lab cross to me 🙂

In early March 2013, Miss Roxy graduated from her first obedience class…still not sure how she did it since she is such a goof but she did and I was very proud of her 🙂  I am hoping to do more advance obedience training with her this year but we will have to see if she matures a bit more so she can really focus on the task at hand.

Mid-March brought some adventures in water for Miss Roxy!  We found a pawesome facility in Calgary called Pawsitively Pooch who offered assisted swimming, so we fitted her with a life jacket and jumped right in…well, not exactly, she didn’t really like it for about the first 5 minutes, but she soon settled in and did GRRReat!  We have only done a couple of sessions but we will go back…or maybe we will just find a nice quiet area along the Bow River 🙂

The end of March marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the Tails a Waggin’ gang…we met up with a pawesome new Tripawd friend, named Freddy (and his human, Theresa) and had our 1st Southern Alberta Tripawd Pawrty!!!  Then a couple a weeks later, at the beginning of April, we both met big boy Hank (and his human, Melanie) and had our 2nd Southern Alberta Tripawd Pawrty 🙂  From there I was asked to be the official Chapter President and well, I am not sure if I am worthy of that title, I did design a logo for the “Tripawds of Alberta” and then Jim and Rene graciously helped me set up a Facebook group, for which I am proudly managing 🙂

So, what’s next for the Tails a Waggin’ gang?  Well, both Charlee and Roxy started agility…two classes of Beginner 1 for Miss Charlee and one class of Beginner 2 for Miss Roxy.  So far, they are both doing very well.  Miss Charlee is very focused on whatever I want her to do and well, we will have to see how Miss Roxy does…like I said early, focusing is something we have to work on, however, so far she is doing well learning two new pieces of equipment…the weave poles and teeter 🙂

Well, that’s if for now…I will try my best to keep updating our blog…cheers!!!


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